Canratic Symphony annoucnement and Instructions to Register


We are very happy to announce that Carnatic Symphony 2020 will be back again with a bang and is scheduled to be performed on the Easter Sunday, April 12th, 2020 at 8 am in the Cleveland Thyagaraja Aradhana.

The Cleveland Thyagaraja Festival is the largest Indian classical music festival outside of India. The year 2020 is the festival's 43rd year. Cleveland festival has been a gateway for carnatic music. Over several years, what started in a humble way with a small group celebrating the Thyagaraja Aradhana, has now become one of the biggest musical event in carnatic music. Today it has also been an inspiration for several other festivals in USA and around the world designated to Thyagaraja or otherwise.

The event will be part of Carnatica USA's initiative to support talents from North America, conceptualized and curated by Kalaimamani Sangeetha Kala Saagaram Dr. K.N.Shashikiran.

This will be yet another opportunity for young children of North America to be part of this innovative. The details regarding the program are provided below. For any questions or clarification, please emails us at

How is Carnatic Symphony unique?

Have your been intrigued by carnatic music. Have you always wanted to learn and sing this art form? Do you want to motivate your children to understand and enjoy this art form just like any other genre of music? Do you want to further kindle your or your child’s or student’s interest in this form of music into a life long passion? Carnatic Symphony is for you. We accomplish the following:

  1. Carnatic Symphony is a unique opportunity for students at all levels in their training. We provide a platform for students to present a simple, yet standard set of compositions in our event.
  2. Irrespective of your skill level and caliber, there is always a lot to learn. The songs can be challenging in terms of melodic aspects and rhythm even to students with several years of training.
  3. Helps students to learn several compositions over a short span and builds confidence in their ability to learn and sing.
  4. Singing to western orchestra is a global cultural experience and enhances ones understanding and appreciation for this art form.
  5. Many students have benefited from improving on their pitch and tonal quality by singing to Karoke tracks and live orchestra. Students often say they were challenged in a “fun way”. 


Eligibility Criteria:

We are very pleased to bring this initiative to you and hope to provide a grand platform for the performance and recognition of your students. We look forward to your involvement and support.

  • No Age limit. All are welcome to participate.
  • We are looking for participants who can hold pitch correctly and sing in rhythm. All are welcome to participate.
  • Students may register for either vocal or instrumental category.
  • If a music school is registering, it is up to the local gurus to judge and choose students.
  • Participating students will be awarded a medal and a certificate.


Initially the students will be provided an online access to the songs, to be performed for the symphony and get trained through their local Gurus. There will be local rehearsals done by our core team of Gurus in cities where there are more than 10 students enrolled. Karoke tracks will be provided to help students learn and sing to a simulated orchestra setting. In the main event, there will be live orchestra to which students will perform.


  • $150 - If you have participated in Carnatic Symphony earlier or if you are registering  through your school.
  • $200 - Individual new registrations


Click Here to register and participte in the Carnatic Symphony program.

Dress Code:

 Participants are required to be in traditional Indian attire.

  •  Girls: Skirt (Pavadai) and blouse, half sarees or sarees. Colors are individual's /   school's choice.
  •  Boys: Kurta (Preferably white or half white) and Pyjama, dhoti.

Practice Sessions and Grand Rehearsals:

Grand Rehearsals will happen at the Cleveland State University. Details will be posted as we get closer to the event.



Below is the song list chosen for this year’s program. We will be selecting the songs to be presented in the program from this list during our rehearsals in Cleveland. Participants are requested to practice the songs with the karoke/ instrumental tracks to get used to singing with instruments/ orchestra.